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Planq is a design studio founded by Anton, Dennis and Joris. As young innovators we believe in the power of what design can do. We are officially one of the Sustainable Young 100 innovators of Holland and stand for bringing sustainable innovation and environmental awareness together. 

Our products and designs are nature aware solutions that create value to leftovers and show the power of renewable materials. We do this by making as much as possible use of local resources and recycling of leftovers.

We are a passionated young company, always eager for innovations and ready to create a better world for tomorrow!






People, Planet & Profit

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We create a design concept on the principles of People, Planet & Profit. Therefore we maximalize the use of natural materials and the recycling of waste-materials to create minimal impact on the environment and as much value for our clients. All in harmony with the expected quality, which we brought together in a nice design.


From sketch to VR

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By fitting the concept to the needs of our client we convert the concept into a nice design.

This can be real-life sketches, visualizations and technical drawings. But we even have the skills to provide in Virtual Reality models and a real-life experience in your own app.


Trial & Error..

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We create a prototype or maquette when needed, to test and adapt on the concept.


Only with the best!

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With the best partners in the world we make the concept a reality. An innovative design that creates awareness by engaging stories.

Are you ready to create a better world for tomorrow?


Rezign collection

Rezign collection

Gymfloor line

Gymfloor line