A beautiful colored gym floor table with the characteristic lines. The table is made out of a recycled gym floor that comes from the Hoeveland sports hall in Waalre. The floor is placed in 1985 and has been used for almost 30 years. The owner was looking for a new destination, instead of just throwing the floor in the garbage. Therefore we were able to make furniture out of it which gives the characteristic old floor a new life. 

Just play, have fun, enjoy the game.
— Michael Jordan
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You can choose your own tabletop. The standard sizes are:

1.    2800 x 1000 mm
2.   2600 x 1000 mm
3.   2400 x 1000 mm
4.   2200 x 1000 mm
5.   2000 x 900 mm  
6.   Custom made


On request we can also provide different sizes and your own designs. For more inspiration check out the project for the University of Applied Sciences.

Order or request to to give this floor a new life. 

Take a closer look at the table yourself and turn it upside down!

For a custom design, you are always welcome to give us a call or drop us a line!